Marching Shoes

Every marcher needs good gear! Weather it’s a good pair of sneakers, marching shoes, gloves, a water jug, cold weather gear for the fall and winter, or warm weather gear for the spring and summer seasons!

Whatever it is you may need, check out our top picks below as well as alternatives (every group is different) that you can get to make your life easier!

Marching Shoes

The bread and butter of uniform gear. Your school or organization may do a group order, so this makes things easy for you, but in case you have to get your own, below are common brands of marching shoes!


Super Drillmasters

  • Another fan favorite by the same company that brought you Drillmasters! This variation costs a bit more but has a longer lasting durability and comfort that surpasses the original in our opinion. Their rolled-heel allows for that perfect corps style ‘glide step.’
  • You can order them on amazon here:

Dinkles Marching Shoes