5 Top Brands for Hot Weather Marching Band!

We are getting to that point in time where band camps are starting up and Drum Corps are beginning their competitive seasons throughout the country. One thing is a given when it comes to marching in the summer. It’s going to be HOT! No matter how much water you’re drinking, if you don’t have the right gear and equipment on, you can find yourself suffering through those long, sunny days!

There are plenty of brands out there that sell hot weather gear, but make no mistake, not all are created equal. There will be times where you truly, ‘Get what you pay for’ and if you cheap out on the attire you get, you’ll get it in the long run. That doesn’t mean there aren’t decent brands out there at an affordable cost. So let’s run a couple while we’re here.

1 – Under Armour 

One of the most familiar brands of all weather sports gear, Under Armour stands out as one of the most recognizable brands in the market. So much so that people have taken to calling any compression gear, Under Armour. With it’s massive catalog of items from Compression Shirts to Shoes, it has been a staple of athletic wear, and does not disappoint for the warm weather. The only downside I can see is the price tag on some of the merchandise, but if you’re looking for something simple like a short sleeve compression shirt or some compression underwear. You can’t possibly go wrong with them.

2 – Champion 

More notable for their regular sorts and shirts that they sell, Champion has been a brand that’s been great for those who can’t afford the price tag that comes with more expensive brands like Under Armour, but without sacrificing much in quality. Their ‘Flatlock’ stiching helps with those whom are prone to bad chafing. Let’s be real, in Marching, it’s bound to happen, so why not get the gear that helps prevent it just a little while longer? While not the cheapest brand that will be on the list, their mid price costs can help alleviate some pain in your wallet. Depending on your size, they can float on an average of $15-$20 each for a decent compression shirt or under garments.

3 – CW-X

One of the top brands that you may not even have heard of. Their compression designs are made to help stabilize your joints when you’re extremely active. It helps for those whom may be working through a knee injury or have issues with their hip flexor. Their conditioning shorts have stretch mesh material to keep you cooler and their ‘Support Web’ mimics the use of KT-Tape. For those who’ve used it, you know how amazing that stuff is! They even have a Ventilator Web Top for back support as well!

4 – Nike

Nike has come out swinging with amazing apparel over the years! It’s also a brand that’s been around for a long time, so you know they don’t play around with coming out with good items! Their assortments of Cool Compression Shirts and Shorts will keep you cool all summer long!

5 – Reebok 

There lineup of short sleeve shirts and Performance Shorts are top notch without being excessively overpriced! There one of my favorite brands out there as I do gym workouts in this gear and never had a complaint about it’s sweat wicking material! While you don’t have to go with my recommendations on this, you won’t be disappointed with their brand lineup!

These aren’t the only brands out there that you can shop for, but keep in mind, while price is an important factor before getting anything, do a bit a research and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You don’t even have to take my word for it, but knock off brands and brands that you normally find in a supermarket are massed produced for the public and doesn’t have quality in mind, just usage and low mileage. If you have any questions on when and how i used each brand, hit me up and i’ll try to get to you as fast as I can!

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