Welcome to Marching Music Maniacs

Welcome to Marching Music Maniacs. This is a blog I’ve started in 2018 and wanted to share with the world. There are plenty of places to find topics such as fitness, musical exercises, experiences to expect in Marching Band or Drum Corps, but it was quite scattered. Frankly, there was a lot of chaos and many times, people that asked me about where they should go to get all this information, I was left with a typical answer, “Google it.”

Football Field Line - Closeup

The problem was, everyone had a different opinion on it based on their own set of experiences and circumstances on what is ‘the right way’ to do something. I figured, why not change all that? From high march styles, to traditional straight leg techniques, there are a plethora of styles and techniques that each group uses, and it shouldn’t be so hard to find some help in discovering methods of doing it better. To that end, I’m here to cover all of that, but who am I to tell you any of this?

I guess I can flex my marching resume of being in the activity for Two Decades now, but if I am to be different than all those whom know ‘the right way’ of doing it, my experience shouldn’t play too much into it other than establish that I can relate to the struggles that marching professionals experience.

I am also a group fitness instructor for Les Mils (I’d google it if I were you). It’s one of those classes you see at private gyms that get a whole group to work out…yep, that’s me.

So why should you bother reading any further? Well it’s simple. I’m going to be covering several topics that will hopefully be of some use to you folks reading this:

  • Physical Conditioning Exercises you can do to be a better performer (starting from the beginning and going more advanced as we go along)
  • Exercises You Can Do to improve your playing
  • Mental Training Exercises To Keep You Focus
  • Marching Technique Breakdown
  • Personal thoughts and tips as the seasons come and go
  • Fundraising ideas
  • …and much much more!

I will also be taking feedback from you in order to decide what direction my blog will go. Before you start mentioning the lack of videos, no worries. As a blog is written, I will hopefully have a corresponding video that I”ll throw up on YouTube for you to follow along (and put in on the blog for you to see as well). At least…I will eventually if nothing else.

Looking forward to taking this journey together with you!